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Fishing and not invalid fishing

Fishing is great fun: IMPORTANT fishing is NOT a sport!

It does not matter if you catch fish once, the main thing is that you treat the fish expertly. This means: If you catch a fish in the closed season or if it is too small, then you must reset it.

(Special provisions by the licensor are possible and must be observed)

If the fish is already trained to catch it must be killed as quickly as possible with a fish killer, so he dies as fast and painless as possible (do not hit it easy!).

A tip for parents / family of the fisherman

DO NOT ask if the fisherman has caught anything, if he / she has caught something, they will happily share it anyway.

A tip for budding fishermen

Petri Heil is the greeting of the fishermen. You answer also with Petri Heil, unless you have already caught a fish. Then you say Petri Dank.

But before you go fishing, you must have the fishing card (or make it), if you fish invalid you will eventually meet one of the fishery protection concerns, – that cannot go well!

Next, a license book and a fishing license must be purchased. Either a daily, annual or weekly license, which is usually available from a fishmonger´s near to you.

Important: The Fishery Law is a federal state law and therefore it´s different from federal state to federal state. You can, for example, fish with an Upper Austrian fishing card in Upper Austria and in friendly federal states: such as: Salzburg.

(More details on the homepage of the respective federal state fishing Association*)

*most of the federal state fishing Association Homepages are not written in English! (If you have any questions please write me an E-Mail (klick here))

federal state fishing Association

federal state fishing Association upper Austria

federal state fishing Association Lower Austria

federal state fishing Association Styria

federal state fishing Association Carinthia

federal state fishing Association Salzburg

federal state fishing Association Tirol

federal state fishing Association Vorarlberg

federal state fishing Association Vienna

cooperative of professional fishermen of Lake Neusiedl*

*Attention: only for Lake Neusiedl, as there is still no nationwide fishing association in Burgenland.

Have fun fishing and Petri Heil wishes you the team of fishing in Austria!!