Where am I allowed to fish in the night?

At night you are only allowed to fish from the shoreline.

How much does the fishing card cost?

The fishery law is a federal state law in Austria, the prices are therefore determined differently. In Upper Austria, for example, the fishing card costs € 115, -.

Am I as holder from a fishing boat license allowed to fish from the shoreline?

With a fishing boat license, you are allowed to fish both from the boat and from the shoreline. The license can be solved for a day, a week, a month or for a whole year (= from April 1 to November 20 (fishing season at the Attersee)).

Am I allowed to fish from the boat, if I have a shoreline fishing license?

Fishing from the boat is not permitted for the owner of a shoreline license!

What’s the biggest hook size?

The largest allowed hook size for fishing is 0/50.

Which fishing rod is the best one for start fishing?

It is best to start with a telescopic rod for fishing. It´s very useful because it is collapsible. It is not as heavy as conventional fishing rods and therefore it´s ideal for beginners.

What is a fishing rod?

The fishing rod is just the rod without a roll.

Am I allowed to go netfishing with the fishing card?

No, net fishing is reserved for professional fishermen only. It´s FORBIDDEN!

Where are the best fishing places?

The best fish places are where it is calm. So not near recreational Leisure facilities or lido.