Tasty fish recipes

Stuffed char

Ingredients for 1 person

A quarter of a big char, 125 g of mushrooms, three quarters of a shallot, rosemary and smooth parsley for seasoning, 100 ml of white wine, a quarter of fresh pfefferoni, a quarter toe of garlic, a tablespoon of olive oil, a small piece of butter. Pepper, nutmeg and salt to taste


Working time: approx. 15 minutes

Finely chop the shallots and sauté in olive oil in a pan. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms, add the chopped garlic and chopped pepper (to taste) and remove the heat. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.Dab the cleaned char dry, salt and pepper. Smear the aluminum foil with butter and place the filling in the middle. Stand the char upright, pour the wine on, close the foil loosely and roast in the oven at 250 ° C. It is even if you can pull off the dorsal fin. The exact time depends on the size.

Baked carp in beer batter

Ingredients for 1 person

1/2 carp, salt (as much as you want), some clarified butter, a little bit beer, flour for dusting, 1/4 lemon


Working time: approx. 45 minutes

Depending on the possibility buy the fresh carp already excluded from the fishmonger and let it professional halve.

If you want to halve the fish yourself, do the following: Cut the carp on the belly (from the middle to the caudal fin). Remove the offal and make sure that the bile does not burst. Otherwise, the carp is no longer edible! The bile has a white color!

Now it gets difficult when the fish is divided lengthwise. One half should keep the backbone.

Half of the carp now comes first into the beer, then it gets salted and turned into flour. Then it comes in a deep pan with plenty of clarified butter or directly into the deep fryer. The fish is fried golden brown on both sides.

IMPORTANT! – It is best to drain the carp on a kitchen towel.

Serve the fish on a preheated plate and garnish with a few slices of lemon. You can serve it with potato salad!

By the way, the cheeks of the fish are a special delicacy.

 Brown trout with grapes and almonds

Ingredients for 1 person

1 ready-to-eat trout or brown trout, salt(as much as you want), a little lemon juice, 5 green, pitted, halved grapes, a few flaked almonds, 1/4 tablespoon flour, 30 ml white wine, e.g. Riesling, semi-dry, 30 ml fish stock, 37 ml of cream, 40 g of ice cold butter, 1/4 tablespoon of cornstarch, a little bit of freshly ground pepper


Working time: approx. 30 minutes. / Cooking / baking time: approx. 20 minutes.

Wash the trout, pat dry and season with salt and lemon juice. Preheat the oven to 200 °C. Wash the grapes, let them drain and halve them.

Roast the almond flakes lightly in a dry pan and set aside. Dust the fish thinly with flour and fry in hot butter. Put the frying fat on a baking sheet. Cook the trout in a preheated oven at 200 °C for about 15 minutes.

In the meantime, reduce the fish stock and the white wine in half, add cream to the top and cook it for 5 more minutes in an open pot. Tie the sauce with a bit of cornstarch. Add 40 g ice-cold butter to flakes, season with salt and pepper. Now stir the sauce until it is foamy.

Heat the remaining butter, add the grapes and season with freshly ground pepper. Arrange the trout with the foamy sauce on a preheated plate, sprinkle with grapes and almonds and serve.

That goes very nicely with parsley potatoes!